Tuesday, 20 February 2007

1995-06-16 Casper Events Center, Casper, WY

Show Info:
1995 Vitalogy USA Tour Show
Set: 105min
Attendance: 9,200
Support Acts: Scollywags & Bad Religion

jam/Elderly Woman I Got Shit, jam/Improv (Hold Me?), Porch

Main Set:
Long Road, Corduroy, Spin The Black Circle, Last Exit, Tremor Christ, Animal, Why Go, Jeremy, Better Man, Lukin, Not for You, Whipping, Glorified G, Daughter/(W.M.A.), Go, Alive, Immortality, Blood
Rearviewmirror, Dissident, Yellow Ledbetter, Porch

Show Notes: This date was originally scheduled at Boise Idaho's University Pavilion. Ed quells rumors of PJ returning to Ticketmaster for ticketing by beginning the show with, "... you may have heard about us giving into Ticketmaster in L.A. and New York City. Well, I just wanna tell ya—that's bullshit." 'Long Road' is premiered here. 'Why Go' features a new drum intro. After 'Alive,' a kid throws his baseball cap up on stage, Ed says, "He throws his hat up on stage, now he says 'hey eddie I want it back.' Ah, he just wanted me to hold it he says. I'll do more than just hold it,'" and he proceeds to turn around, unzip his pants and stick the hat down his pants, then pulls it out, and says, "There you go" as he throws the hat back to the kid. At the start of the encore, Stone says, "Where's that hat? I wanna smell that hat." Ed goes into a story about other places they could have played in Wyoming ... "Thermopolis" (crowd boos). Jeff: "Straight outta Thermopolis." Ed: "We could played Bar None. Is there actually a city called Meeteetsie? Don't touch me teet-sie. We really thought seriously about playing Cokeville but we didn't think that was very PC, so we thought Green River might fit." He chats about some other towns and then says he's glad they're in Casper (huge applause) and thanks Bad Religion and mentions that they played with them before in Germany, leading to 'RVM.' The aftershow Monkeywrench Radio broadcasts begin after this concert, with Ed spinning favorites such as the Foo Fighters and Pete Townshend disks and taking phone calls.

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